Blue Pea with Green Tea Whole Leaves: Ignite Your Health with Antioxidant Richness, Refreshing Flavor, and Immunity Support 500g – Pack 1

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Blend of Whole Leaves Green Tea with Blue pea flower. Combining the benefits of green tea with the vibrant Blue Pea Flower enhances antioxidant richness, promoting overall health and providing a visually stunning and refreshing tea experience. The synergistic blend supports immune function, delivering a delightful and invigorating elixir with added visual appeal

Whole leaves green tea with a milder, less bitter taste.

Revitalize Your Cup: Re-steep whole leaves green tea for a second infusion: Savor the nuanced flavors anew, extracting the richness from each leaf

Pan-Fried Excellence: Our pan-fried green tea imparts a toasty aroma, boasting higher polyphenol and EGCG levels, elevating health benefits beyond steamed or regular green teas. It stands as the epitome of fine green teas.

100% Natural & Green Tea Leaves: Exclusive whole leaf green tea, teeming with natural antioxidants and flavonoids, is meticulously hand-plucked and cultivated in Rainforest Alliance Certified high-elevation tea plantations. Immerse yourself in the pure taste of nature.

Low-Caffeine Bliss: Indulge in a low-caffeine tea that harmonizes with any time of day, offering a soothing and delightful experience for tea enthusiasts.

Rainforest Alliance Certified: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. This emblem ensures the highest standards, assuring customers that their purchase is sourced from farms dedicated to environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability.

Incredibly Delicious Flavor: Delight in a mellow, energizing, and refreshingly calming green tea with a sweet floral flavor and subtle vegetal notes. Experience a rich delicate aroma, leaving a fresh lingering aftertaste—an ideal tea for any time of the day.

Direct From Source & Garden Fresh: Dophie’s Detox Tea for Weight Loss & Belly Fat is sourced directly from plantations within hours of harvest, ensuring freshness that is packaged at the source, preserving the tea’s inherent goodness.

Healthy Tea Delight: A must-have for connoisseurs, this tea is a dazzling experience filled with antioxidants. A 100% whole leaves green tea, naturally fostering health and detoxification—a testament to a healthy and flavorful tea journey.

Embark on a Revitalizing Journey with Dophie’s Blue Pea Infused Whole Leaves Green Tea

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience as you embark on a journey with Dophie’s Whole Leaves Green Tea, uniquely infused with the enchanting Blue Pea Flower. Harvested by hand from the southern Indian plantations during the crisp winter, these velvety leaves unfold to release a delightful fragrance, encompassing sweet grass and vegetal notes that transport you to the heart of nature.

Pan-fried to perfection, our green tea not only boasts a toasty aroma but also elevates polyphenols and EGCG levels, surpassing the health benefits found in steamed or regular varieties. Enriched with the goodness of Ashwagandha and Cardamom, this Rainforest Alliance Certified blend is a testament to purity, meticulously sourced from high-elevation plantations.

Indulge in a mellow, energizing, and refreshing green tea experience, complemented by the sweet floral notes of the Blue Pea Flower. The blend leaves a lingering aftertaste, captivating the palate with its unique profile. With its low caffeine content, this versatile tea is a delightful companion suitable for any time of day. Directly sourced and garden-fresh, Dophie’s Detox Tea for Weight Loss & Belly Fat is a must-have for discerning connoisseurs seeking a healthy and antioxidant-rich elixir.

A Symphony of Flavors and Health Benefits: Dophie’s Unique Blend

Dophie’s Whole Leaves Green Tea with Blue Pea Flower is more than just a beverage; it’s a holistic infusion of flavors and health benefits. The pan-frying process enhances the toasty aroma, while the incorporation of Ashwagandha and Cardamom adds layers of depth and complexity. As a Rainforest Alliance Certified blend, each cup reflects a commitment to purity, ensuring a premium tea experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

A Visual and Culinary Marvel: The Blue Pea Flower Infusion

The combination of Whole Leaves Green Tea with the vibrant Blue Pea Flower creates a visual and culinary marvel. Beyond its stunning appearance, this synergistic blend maximizes antioxidant richness, promoting overall health and well-being. The tea delivers a delightful and invigorating elixir, offering a multi-sensory experience that transcends the ordinary.

Preparation and Re-steeping: Elevate Your Tea Ritual

Brewing a delightful cup of Dophie’s Whole Leaves Green Tea is a simple yet rewarding process. Steep the leaves in hot water at 85°C for 2-3 minutes to unveil the full spectrum of flavors. The initial infusion introduces you to the mellow and refreshing notes, setting the stage for a delightful encore. Extend the pleasure by re-steeping the leaves in fresh hot water, allowing the whole leaves to unfurl and release their goodness for a sustainable and delightful tea ritual.

Health-Promoting Goodness: Beyond Ordinary Tea

The goodness of 100% whole leaves naturally fosters a detoxifying and health-promoting tea experience that goes beyond ordinary brewing. The premium green tea leaves embrace the art of re-steeping, allowing you to enjoy extended flavorful infusions with each cup. This not only enhances your tea ritual but promises a journey filled with antioxidant richness, refreshing flavors, and immune support.

In conclusion, Dophie’s Blue Pea Infused Whole Leaves Green Tea is a celebration of nature’s bounty, offering a symphony of flavors and health benefits in every cup. Elevate your tea experience with the enchanting blend of whole leaves, Blue Pea Flower, and the richness of Ashwagandha and Cardamom. Brew, savor, and indulge in a journey that transcends the ordinary, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and nourished with each sip.


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