Health Vita Granules: Ideal for All Ages, Enhancing Well-being, and Offering Support for Healthy Weight Gain and Immunity Boost.300g

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Immune Support: Chiorophytum Tuberosum and Asteracanths Longifolia fortify immunity naturally.

Strength and Weight Gain: Mucuna Pruriens aids in gaining weight and enhancing strength.

Vitality Boost: Withania Somnifera, Ipomoea Digitata, and Phaseolus Radiatus contribute to overall vitality.

Rich in Vitamin C: Emblica Officinalis supports immune function with its vitamin C content.

Nutrient-Rich: Sesamum Indicum provides essential

Use, blend 10g of Health Vita powder twice daily with milk or as directed by a healthcare professional.

While the supplement may support healthy weight gain and immunity, it doesn’t claim guaranteed results for weight gain. Health Vita embodies Ayurveda’s holistic principles, offering a natural and effective way to fortify the body’s defenses, enhance general health, and promote vitality for a thriving life



Revitalize Your Health with Health Vita: An Ayurvedic Marvel for Immunity and Vitality

Discover Health Vita, an Ayurvedic marvel crafted as a natural powerhouse to boost immunity, enhance general health, and invigorate vitality. Tailored for both men and women, this 350g powder blend combines potent herbs to provide a holistic wellness experience.

A Symphony of Herbs for Holistic Well-being:

Health Vita brings together Chiorophytum Tuberosum and Asteracanths Longifolia to fortify the immune system, acting as a shield against illnesses. Mucuna Pruriens supports healthy weight gain and strength, making it an ideal companion for those pursuing a healthier physique. Withania Somnifera, Ipomoea Digitata, and Phaseolus Radiatus collaborate to infuse vitality into daily life.

Powerful Ingredients for Immunity and Vitality:

  1. Chiorophytum Tuberosum and Asteracanths Longifolia:
    •  Immune Fortification with Ayurvedic Powerhouses
    • These potent herbs unite to fortify the immune system, providing a robust defense against various illnesses.
  2. Mucuna Pruriens:
    •  Support Healthy Weight Gain and Strength
    • Ideal for those aiming for a healthier physique, Mucuna Pruriens supports not only weight gain but also overall strength.
  3. Withania Somnifera, Ipomoea Digitata, and Phaseolus Radiatus:
    • Infusing Vitality into Daily Life
    • This trio collaborates to infuse vitality into your daily routine, promoting a sense of energy and well-being.

Vitamin-Rich Support for Immune Functions:

Health Vita is rich in Vitamin C, thanks to Emblica Officinalis. This addition not only supports immune functions but also adds a refreshing zest to overall health. Sesamum Indicum contributes essential nutrients, while Prunus Dulcis and Triticum Durum assist in achieving healthy weight gain. Anacardium Occidentale provides the strength needed for an active lifestyle.

A Multilayered Defense with Acacia Arabica and Vitis Vinifera:

Adding an extra layer of defense, Acacia Arabica and Vitis Vinifera further support immune health. The natural sweetness from Saccharum Officinarum makes the health journey pleasant. The inclusion of Starch and Paalpodi ensures a balanced and user-friendly experience.

The Health Vita Advantage:

Discover the advantages of incorporating Health Vita into your daily routine. This Ayurvedic marvel not only addresses specific health goals but also provides a comprehensive approach to overall well-being. Whether you are looking to boost your immunity, gain strength, or achieve a healthier weight, Health Vita is designed to cater to your diverse health needs.

Usage Guidelines for Optimal Results:

Incorporate Health Vita into your daily regimen for optimal results. This Ayurvedic formulation is versatile, allowing you to mix it with various beverages or include it in your favorite recipes. The user-friendly nature of the formulation, combined with the richness of Ayurvedic herbs, ensures a seamless integration into your lifestyle.

Embrace Ayurvedic Wisdom for Balanced Living:

Health Vita is more than a supplement; it represents a commitment to balanced living through Ayurvedic wisdom. With a focus on immunity, vitality, and overall health, this Ayurvedic marvel invites you to embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

In conclusion, Health Vita stands as a testament to the power of Ayurvedic herbs in promoting immunity, vitality, and holistic wellness. Elevate your health journey with this thoughtfully crafted blend, and experience the benefits of Ayurvedic wisdom in every scoop.

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ach 350 gm prepared out of:Chiorophytum Tuberosum 16.40g,Asteracanths Longifolia- 16.40 g,Mucuna Pruriens- 8.20g, Phaseolus Radiatus -16.40g, Withania Somnifera- 16.40g, Ipomoea Digitata-16.40g, Phaseolus Mungo -16,40g, Emblica Officinalis- 32.79g, Sesamum Indicum -16.40g, Prunus Dulcis- 16.40g, Triticum Durum-16.40g, Anacardium Occidentale-16.40g, Acacia Arabica-24.59g, Vitis Vinifera -24.50g, Saccharum Officinarum-16.40g, Starch -37.70g, Paalpodi-41.73g


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